Winston AR is a musician, lyricist, poet, and an author.  He is currently working on a time traveling Novel, filled with romance and adventure, set to be released in the beginning of 2015.

Taking a step back from his music career, Winston has decided to write a story about his experiences over a ten year journey, trying to break through the music industry, in two books being released through this blog, while he prepares for his first book to be released.  The first book is titled “My Eyes”, written in the first person, beginning the journey in 2003 until 2006 when the story splits.  The second half of the story is titled “My Soul”, and shifts into a third person perspective to bring the journey to a close.  “My Eyes” and “My Soul” is based on a true story about one man’s struggle to find himself while pursuing a career in the music Industry. Through the trials, emotions, rewards and disappointments he takes you on a journey that began with nothing more than a suggestion from a friend – but you’ll have to read long to find out how it ends.

Follow this ten year adventure as the main character dances on the edge of fame and shares some of his deepest experiences with you through it all, with the release of these two stories/books.  You’ll learn inside information about some of the Music Industries top names, as well as various other celebrities, while Winston attempts to find his voice in an industry saturated with other artists trying to break through.  Follow the story, then hear the music as the story progresses, one chapter at a time. Read a book like you’ve never read one before: Take a journey through “My Eyes” and see “My Soul”.

My Eyes

winston cover2

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  1. Deb Phipps says:

    Very good! Descriptions, helps to get a picture, while reading!


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