Save Me

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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Every thing I do in my life
I do for you
All my effort made is for truth
To help you through
But I need you to care about the things I say
Before all our lives are wasted away
There’s nothing more I can do
I do what I do
And the rest is up to you!

Things are changing
I can’t keep up with it no more
I’m talented
But dealing with another closed door
Every time I think I’ve reached
Another soul
I find out my efforts
Are running cold
No one seems to hear my pleas
And no one seems to care
Just how much I bleed

I can’t seem to speak the words you wish to hear
Save Me
So I’ll take a bow,
And I stand clear
Save Me
I can’t seem to reach the ones I wish to hear
Save Me
I’d give my life in this fight
But I know the end is near
Save Me

Ask me why I feel this way
Ask my why I say these things
And it’s to save your life

Save Me



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