Posted: July 17, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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 There’s one reason,

I can’t see bliss,

It’s because I’m a part of Schindler’s List

It’s around the corner

You’re too blind to see

I pray that you could

But unconscious you choose to be

Eagles fly

But can get shot down

At night I cry

When Freedom’s poaching around

‘Cause I can see

Is why I assert you’re blind

Ignorance wins

Inside your mind

My chest is heavy

While my heart weighs light

My spirit wonders,

Will the fish bite?

A rock snags my hook

Tugged back to reality

This life’s an illusion

I’ve lost my sanity

I’m at your whim

I beg of you,


To hear my hymn

To bend on your knees

Ask for forgiveness

Like I tend to do

Yet, get no reply

To the fire I’m due



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