Save Me

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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Every thing I do in my life
I do for you
All my effort made is for truth
To help you through
But I need you to care about the things I say
Before all our lives are wasted away
There’s nothing more I can do
I do what I do
And the rest is up to you!

Things are changing
I can’t keep up with it no more
I’m talented
But dealing with another closed door
Every time I think I’ve reached
Another soul
I find out my efforts
Are running cold
No one seems to hear my pleas
And no one seems to care
Just how much I bleed

I can’t seem to speak the words you wish to hear
Save Me
So I’ll take a bow,
And I stand clear
Save Me
I can’t seem to reach the ones I wish to hear
Save Me
I’d give my life in this fight
But I know the end is near
Save Me

Ask me why I feel this way
Ask my why I say these things
And it’s to save your life

Save Me


Runaway With Me

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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The moon begins to rise
I get an appetite
A plan that I’ve devised
To find you
I wanna hold you close
So you can feel my growth
I wanna overdose
On you
I get lost in your eyes
Your lips taste like wine
I’m intoxicated by you
How ’bout you?

I know you told me to step
But I can’t give up yet
Take a look in my eyes
They’re startin’ to drip
If I quit then I’m a bitch
Might as well suck dick
Find a pimp turn tricks
But you know that’s bullshit
I ain’t playin’
It’s cause of you
I’m saved and
I always prayin’,
I’m sayin’
I do whatever I can to keep you in my mind
I’m weighin’
My options
Tryin’ to find a way
And I keep going ’round in circles
‘Cause you say you ain’t stayin’
Quit playin with me

Like a shadow over me
Or a chill with no breeze
I’m alone in the dark
You’re haunting me
The only one I trust
I yearn for your touch
Wish you were standing here
In front of me
Can’t get you out my mind
Without you I feel blind
I’m inoculated by you
How ’bout you?

I feel the pressure
It’s weighing down on my chest
I’m stressed
I can’t sleep or eat
I’m depressed
I’m in arrest
You’re so sweet to me
I’ll never forget when we met
The smile on your face
And how I made you so wet
A separation in our situation’s
‘Causin’ aggravation
I can’t take anymore of this sensation
Without your presence
You’re precious
You leave me breathless
I’m restless
You’re my essence
So infectious
Like a life long sentence
Of pain
It’s insane
Can’t seem to get you out of my brain

Please don’t leave me like this
Just give me one more kiss
Escape into my arms
And my loves abyss
You can’t ignore what’s within
What’s missing’s where I begin
Please take my hand
And we can both live in bliss
I feel you
(I want you)
You feel me
We’re in rhythm
When you’re near me
I can’t help but
See things clearly

Since the first glance
I’ve been in a trance,
Please take my hand
And run away with me
(run away with me)
Lets take a chance
May I have this dance,
You I’ll romance
If you run away with me
(run away with me)


One More Chance

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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Do you remember those days when we were young
When everything we did,
No matter what was fun
You were always smiling,
I was always trying
To make you mine

I wanna hold you close
I never wanna let go
Out of all the drugs in life
You are my favorite dose
Now I’m standing here
Filled with so much fear
Because you’re leaving me
How can it be

Give me one more chance
Please take my hand
Come back to me
One more chance

Give me one more chance
Just one more dance
Come back to me
One more chance

Could it be that we’ve ran out of things to say
Is it possible to convince you to stay
Give me one more chance
How ‘bout one more dance
Just don’t give up on me

When I look in your eyes
I see into your soul
When I see you and me
I see us growing old
You keep me warm
And if you leave then I’ll grow cold
I’m sick of all the lies
So let the truth be told



Posted: July 17, 2015 in Poetry/Lyrics
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 There’s one reason,

I can’t see bliss,

It’s because I’m a part of Schindler’s List

It’s around the corner

You’re too blind to see

I pray that you could

But unconscious you choose to be

Eagles fly

But can get shot down

At night I cry

When Freedom’s poaching around

‘Cause I can see

Is why I assert you’re blind

Ignorance wins

Inside your mind

My chest is heavy

While my heart weighs light

My spirit wonders,

Will the fish bite?

A rock snags my hook

Tugged back to reality

This life’s an illusion

I’ve lost my sanity

I’m at your whim

I beg of you,


To hear my hymn

To bend on your knees

Ask for forgiveness

Like I tend to do

Yet, get no reply

To the fire I’m due


It’s been awhile…

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Novel

It’s been awhile, but I’m coming back!  Stay tuned – new blogs are just around the corner!!


Winston Ritter